Work from Home

We have a "Work from Home" concept for our Team. We do have timelines, but our team does not need to hold the clock. Every member is free to work at the time best suited to him/her.

Telecallers get in action at office hours while sipping there coffee watching TV at home or taking lunch at home.

The techies work at late evening and submit work at midnight.

Our Virtual Workplace entertains all.


Discover Yourself

Everybody has a talent. If you feel that you have some spare time to work with us, just write to us at and we will get back to you. We do not care about your educational qualification, nor we do care about your experience. You are a working person or a housewife, just let us know the type of work you could do and we will start sending you the work. You will get support and training for 2-3 tasks and then you will start getting paid on per task basis.