Medialab was founded in 2001 to serve as a Browsing service provider (Cyber Cafe') to the people of the city of Durg. Sooner, after observing the need of the city, Medialab started a webportal for the people of this city with the name Gradually, the web development profession grew up and ultimately in Sep 2003, Medialab became a dedicated development and domain registration service provider. With time and enhancement of expertise, today we feel proud to have satisfied clients from more than 193 Cities of India and representatives/associates in more than 34 cities spread in 12 States. Our services have the speciality that we never use third party solutions in our projects.

With an experience of having installed & managing servers for Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Maa Bamleshwari Mandir Trust, Kuber Cards, Watch News Media Pvt Ltd, Dolphin Media Pvt Ltd, Vibgyor Colour Lab, etc and managing more than 12 leased, dedicated, vps, servers, Medialab is having the Hi-Tech professional concepts and people to give the best to its clients.

In development, we have more than 350 ready to use modules that work on plug-n-play concept. Thus, it takes us merely hours to compile a whole new portal. Often, the time taken in designing and garnishing is 5-6 times in comparision to the time taken for backend coding. Clients appreciate Medialab™ for its innovative vision.



Medialab was founded on 10th Aug. Initially it was a web surfing service provider. The cyber cafe was planned with a 32 paid terminal and 2 free terminals. The concept was to provide free surfing to people if they prefer standing in front of the cafe and use the terminal fixed on its front panel

A portal with name was started. The portal gave us a chance to learn the web development part and was a success. It lead to professioanl website development projects and we got our first commercial client in 2002 itself. was our first comercial project. was not even completed when we got another order from the prestigious Hotel Sagar International for the development of Medialab used to purchase space individually for each domain in those days.

In Jan, We got our first government order in the form of Further, an order from Delhi for the development of (Now ) was also added to our records. Gradually, the website development business started overriding the cyber cafe in turnover and all other directions.

In Sep 2003, the quarterly closing clearly indicated the future and the cybercafe was wound up. Medialab became a Website Development and hosting service provider. However, the double storied 1600 SFT Rented premises was vacated and the office + development centre was shifted to a One Room Premise. The staff strength was also trimmed and a team of 2 was all that was in Medialab.

In Jan 2004, we purchased our first bulk space. Medialab started selling space from its own lot. During this period, the clientele was growing with a regular pace. Staff strength grew to 3.

During this year, we got many KVs added to our clientele. Looking forward to the requirement of additional features and control, we planned to install our own web-server. On 19th Apr 2004, Medialab got its first server established. The count grew to 4 in a little time and by Aug 2004, we had 3 servers to cater our clients. The staff strength was however 2. Steady hands nourished Medialab during these days.

This was an important year for Medialab. Our business grew 300 % in first 4 months and by mid year, we got the order for setting up a server for BSNL. The prestigious project also took shape in this period. The staff strength grew to 4. Committed work in the BSNL project brought us in the eys of authorities and also boosted our confidence. With the reference of BSNL, we got many good projects added to our clientele.

Year 2006 meant a lot of Development for Medialab. We shifted to our own premises of 6 rooms with all the additional facilities of a house. The staff strength grew to 11 and the crew was provided with latest tools to work with. The office separated into various sections was equipped with EPBX and supportive equipments to ensure professional performance. During these days, gradually, Medialab has stepped in various other creative works which emphasize its name. In this year, we launched first SaaS for Ropeway at Dongargarh. The application is performing perfectly till date (i.e; 2013).

We shifted to Saket Colony (Present Location) and picked up large works of Multimedia Presentations for the first time. Our prime clients were State Police Department and Simplex Industries. The decision backfired and started affecting our main business and clients. In 3 months, though we were able to satisfy all the clients, our mainstream business was affected badly. We had to trim down staff strength and also plan other ways to bring down expenses.

With a small team, we started building up again. By Apr, we were back in race and accelarated to reach the lost position. We shifted to the New zone in the same area and started working with a new spirit. This was the year when we took up professional training for the first time. In the course of training, we got a lot of modules and concepts developed which were re-useable in many of our projects. We saw significant growth during this period. Many new clients and projects were added. We developed a new concept of inaugurating a website, and it was appreciated a lot.

This was a year of growth in all directions. We had some good members added to the team (Who are in our team till date). We got orders from many other states and various segments. With a strong team, a good client reference and excellent creations, we waded steadily throughout the year.

This was the year in which we had 2 major catastrophes in the personal life of management. A year full of major disturbances from Jan-Nov. However, this was the year when we developed the ERP for management of all business activities of Medialab. The ERP is managing accounts, customer relation, sales, support, staff management, knowledge base management, data repository, and almost all activities of Medialab. This is the most wonderful tool we have with us. Though we did not make a big leap in buisness in this year, we were able to manage a constant pace.

This was a year of growth and recognition for us. We got a huge number of clients added in this year. Though no mega story was written, but it had been a good year in terms of business. In Mid 2011, we installed our first SMS Server. Though we have half a dozen of SMS Servers working on date, we still pamper the first one that is serving a good count of clients.

A year full of success. We got many new segments started. We had been able to execute the dream project of developing a website for Maa Bamleshwari Mandir, Dongargarh. To our delight, we got the order of developing complete ERP and many small utilities for the Mandir. The project had been the largest in our records. We also developed other SaaS for many organisations. In Apr, we started the "Desktop Application Development" section and were able to add more than a dozen satisified client within a few months.

In the beginning of this year, we got the prestigious work of managing IT services in State Load Despatch Center, Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board. We have successfully executed a lot of work in the project which includes installation of SMS Server and Development of SaaS. This year seems very promising and we are expecting more megastories by the end of this year.

You might had been reading this growth timeline as a guest, but we feel that you should have developed a bond with Medialab by now. Medialab is not one man show. We are a team. A team of committed enthusiasts blessed by our evergrowing clientele. Every wish counts, and we need your's too...